Wichert – Final

I didn’t have an actual brochure that I could use so this is just a made up one with just a title and a few boxes of text referring to a made up Nursery. I love flowers and take lots of photo of them so they came in handy for this. My color palette was a little to pink for my liking but it went with the purple background. I found it hard to do this assignment without a real project to work with. Seeing these side by side makes me know that I should have added some background color to the second page, maybe a light tint of the purple.

F233_Wichert-Final     F233_Wichert-Final2

  1. I agree with adding a light tint of purple to the second page. You take beautiful pictures of flowers.

  2. Your flower photography is lovely. I think the bright colors of the pink and purple represent the them well.

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