Ruffridge – Final

Ruffridge_CIOS F233_Final

Ruffridge_CIOS F233_Final2

Here is my final brochure. I work at the health clinic here at KPC and they needed an updated brochure to use for advertising so I decided to use this opportunity to create one. The nurse I work for loved it and will be printing them soon. I had fun creating this and it was neat to see how the skills I’ve learned in this class can be applied to my job.

At first I didn’t like how the blue border looked, it seemed a bit too much, but once I printed out a sample and folded it I began to like it. I think it ties everything together really well. It just seems like a lot when it’s laid out flat like this. Otherwise, I did not have very many problems with creating this.

I’ve enjoyed taking this class and have learned so much as a result! I know I will use several of these concepts in the future. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

  1. Love this! The clinic is lucky to have you. In my PR work at the university, I have found that for our limited budget, professional printing is cost prohibitive. If you have access to a color laser printer, print the brochures out yourself.

    At first I got this paper:

    The paper was too thick for my brochure. The color “cracked” when I folded. Gorgeous paper! Perfect for a flyer.

    I found that glossy 32lb paper to be perfect. This is what I use:

  2. Really nice job on this! I think the layout looks very tidy, but still manages to fit in a lot of information and images. The blue border does tie everything together nicely, and I really like the “header” in the blue border on the front and back cover of the brochure (title and photo).

  3. This looks very “clean” and professional, exactly what I would expect from a health clinic! It’s great that you were able to apply it to a real world project too.

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