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Tables are fun to work with. Here is my table from page 2, its not very exciting but I am looking forward to finishing this in the final draft. I made this a jpeg with different methods than exporting from InDesign because when I did that, it showed the whole page of empty space on the blog. When I added the other info about the sample it was shown after the empty blog space. It really looked weird.


I looked at table samples and chose this one: https://zeoinc.com/zeosand2.html

The first thing I like about is that it really doesn’t look like a table. The background is a pool of   blue water. Using a photograph for this makes it very different from the standard table. I also like that the rows consist of a title in white text with a Bullet list of items under it in the next row with small black text. This is repeated four times. The name of this table is ZeoSand Superior Sand Replacement.

  1. I like the ZeoSand Superior Sand tables too. And the design works for both of the tables on the page even though they don’t contain the same number of columns.

    In your table, I like the use of the yellow shading.

  2. I really like your shading in the table. The different tints of yellow really make it come together nicely 🙂

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