Lena – Job 9 Graphics


Well, this took me forever! I had a “peace hand” I wanted to add, but gave up on trying to make Omar’s hand bend upward. I had a few other issues too:

  1. With several layers of clothes: shirt, suit, tie, I had to make each one a separate layer.
  2. I couldn’t figure out a good way to draw several ‘polygons’ that all belonged to one polygon, so the shirt is 3 separate objects (shirt + two collar pieces) and the tie is 2 separate objects
  3. I couldn’t figure out to match up anchor points between all of these different layers. In ArcGIS, you can snap points, maybe that’s possible in InDesign too?
  1. Wow, this is really good! I can imagine it took you forever-it’s a lot of detail. Very good job!

  2. The good thing is you made it work. I didn’t think to try doing parts of it in layers, I worked on just one. I also did small areas, complete in themselves, and placed them next to each other like a puzzle. Good Job!

  3. nice jacket — he looks very cool. Working in layers was a good idea. It probably helped to move and lock your individual pieces.

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