Ruffridge-Mid Term

Ruffridge_CIOS F233_Mid Term

The final outcome of my project. I chose piano lessons as my subject because I thought I might to be able to use it someday to broadcast my services. I’m hoping to go into business running my own piano studio so why not use a project for class and make it something I can actually use 🙂 I chose the pictures to be the main focal point to draw people in to the flyer and created the circles lower to bring the focus down and onto the text. I thought leaving in the white line was good to create some separation from the picture and red background color. I tried to include all the information parents would want to know in the text yet keeping it simple so it’s not overly wordy.
This was a really fun flyer to make and I didn’t really come across any serious problems that I couldn’t fix. The music note was hard to make, getting the stems to line up perfectly so it looks like one object and not three different pieces.
Overall, I really enjoyed creating the flyer and hope to use it in the future!

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