Aronson Final Poster

MIdTerm POSTER2I’m an artist on the side – creating handcrafted silver jewelry.  I’ve signed up for a few holiday bazaars this year & thought a poster would be a great way to promote what I’ve scheduled.

I took the advice of the comments and made the photo larger, and bottom section smaller.  I placed the logo to the bottom of the page, I left the white around it to help draw the eyes down the page, I also thought the white border at the bottom helps with that as well.

  1. I like what you have done and the fact that it is about your own business. I would suggest making the blue area at the bottom smaller and positioning the necklace to show more. Even if this is just allowing more of the black cord it would position the necklace as the most important item. You could give less space between the lines of text or a smaller font to reduce the blue area. You do beautiful work!

  2. This is excellent! The design is simple and clean, yet interesting and pretty. Good job featuring your work and getting the details on there without cluttering the page.

    My only ‘concern’ would be how close the text is to the edge of the page on the very bottom. I find some printers cut things closer than others, so I tend to err on the side of slightly bigger margins.

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