CAronson Draft Job 6

Draft –  Carrie Aronson_Draft Job6             Final –  Carrie Aronson_Final Job6

Final – I changed the border to help draw the eyes down the page, I enlarged the lower text section to add to this as well.  I added in a few more snowflakes so they didn’t seem quite so random and varied the sizes for the effect of depth.  I added the final snowflake in the bottom right corner to help create the illusion of falling snow, since it’s falling off the page. What do you think?

Draft Job 6 – Winter is on my mind… can’t complain about the fall we’ve been having in the interior.  I’d love to get out and do some skiing though!  I feel like the poster looks a little plain, but when I added more I felt it was too busy.  Any ideas out there?

  1. You could possibly add smaller snowflakes to fill in some gaps without making it seem too distracting. I personally like the simplicity of how it is now though. Great work!

  2. Funny we had such similar themes! I like how the top is blue to resemble the sky, while the bottom is white to look like snow piling up.

  3. I like the way that the gradient colors work for you. This looks like a blue sky and the snow falling to the snow covered ground. I think we are all thinking winter now. I like your poster.

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