Lena – Job 6 color

OLD: Krutikov-ID-Draft-Job6   NEW: Krutikov-ID-Final-Job6

I’m fairly happy with this draft, but I think the color is blah, and overall the poster is a bit dark. Any suggestions? Also, I was super excited to find the dashed line “Japanese dots” for this (snowballs!), but I couldn’t decide whether to have the full dots or half dots as they are now – cut off because printing can’t bleed to the full edge. I actually sortof like them cut off.

  1. We both have a similar theme! Winter is on our minds. It is a bit dark, maybe change the tone of the background color so it’s a bit brighter, less grey. I like the dots cut off too. You did a great job with the gradient in them, black on the bottom fading up to white. It helps draw the eyes down, as does the large snowflake in the bottom corner. Nice Work!

  2. I like the dots cut off as well. I feel like if they weren’t it would be a bit too distracting. It’s a perfect balance, I like it. Good job!

  3. Thanks for the tips! I kept the half dots, but I did change the color (although I’m still not totally happy with it — too aqua?) but I think the radial gradient helps lighten up the poster and give it some depth.

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