Thoughts on Golden Radio and Rule of Thirds

In this week’s class reading the concept of The Golden Ratio and the Rule of Thirds was introduced. Have you heard of these before? Do you practice the Rule of Thirds in your photography? I have an iPhone 5 and have turned on the Grid option so I can use that for the camera. For me, this has to effects: 1) it visually helps me frame the image to take advantage of the Rule of Thirds, and 2) it reminds me not to just snap a picture but rather take some time to think about the result. I’m not a photographer and have plenty of images that may document an event but they don’t always tell the story very well. So this helps me.

Next time you walk past a bulletin board, take a few minutes to think about design using the Rule of Thirds and see if any of the flyers on the board following that rule. And if any of the flyers have logos on them, are the logos based on the Golden Ratio or π?

And the Golden Ration in nature:

Here’s a couple more websites for reference:

Constructing the Golden Rectangle:

iCloud icon based on Golden ratio:

More logos based on Golden Ration:

Rule of Thirds, Visual Center, and Grids

Golden Ratio and Grids


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