Megan Ruffridge – Job 1


Hello everyone!

My name is Megan Ruffridge, and I’m currently living in Kenai. I was born in Ohio, but moved up here with my family at 6 mo old, so you could say I’ve lived here my whole life. I went out of state to a college in Wisconsin last year, but am back this semester working/saving money to go back in January.

In my free time I enjoy spending time outdoors or playing music. I play three instruments- piano, flute, and violin and am teaching beginning piano lessons this semester.
I’m hoping to run a piano studio out of my home some day.

I have a computer, printer, and scanner available for me to use here at KPC.
I’m currently going for a degree in Office Management so I’m excited to learn about InDesign which I’m sure I’ll be able to use in my future career.

Just a little about me 🙂 

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  1. Hi Megan — welcome to the class. I think you’ll find InDesign a perfect fit with your degree plan!

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