Final Project

I am very pleased with my little self on my final project. I, like Haley, was impressed with how much I have learned about this program and how easily I was able to make it do what I wanted. I also found myself coming up with more and more ideas on how I could tweak it and had to stop myself before I went overboard.

I know there are some things that need tweaking and some wording that needs to be cleaned up however, it definitely shows my increased skill in layout and using all of the tools I have learned about so far in this program. To be honest, I had a BLAST with this final project!!



It has been a great semester all and I wish you best of luck! Here’s hoping for an A haha! 🙂

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  1. Wow, way to go! Best of luck to you with your new business. I hope I can do something similar down the road a bit.

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