Assignment 12 – Haley Holland Final

I know we didn’t have to post this week but I thought I would anyway. I had fun with this assignment, and it feels good when I realize I now know more about InDesign than I thought I did.

I live in North Pole with my husband and three daughters, ages 1, 4 and 6. I am interested in becoming a graphic designer (after spending the last four years going to school for accounting, ugh! Never thought I would be one to change my mind like that). InDesign and Photoshop seemed natural classes to take for the field I wish to go into.
  1. Can’t wait to see that Duckie Delish Catering puts out for lunch!

    1. InDesign CS5.5 produces a much betetr ePub file than CS5. Previously publishers needed to do extensive editing to the ePub code, which is all HTML and CSS. Publishers will still need to edit the HTML and CSS because the ePub files generated by InDesign typically have a few flaws 1) They don’t meet every specificaion required for validation required by the online book stores; 2) The style information created by InDesign typically doesn’t match the design specifications publishers want with their ePub files; 3) Enhanced ePub and Fixed Layout epubs (like children’s books) also require extensive editing of the CSS and HTML code. We teach these things in our .

  2. Hahahahaha!! This is too funny!

  3. This is absolutely wonderful and also inspiring! I am putting some final touches on mine now. It should be posted tonight!

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