Job 12 Transparency

A rectangle base, with two larger and overlapping circles…with a polygon turned into a star on top because they are so cool!

I’m not sure what clone an object is, so I may not have duplicated the object properly.

I tried various combinations of effects but finished very simply: the left circles are Exclusion (star is Exclusion), center circles are Screen (star is Color Dodge) and the right circles are Multiply (star is Color Dodge but it is layered below the circle).   Somewhere along the line I angled the shapes a bit.

It’s amazing the variety that can be achieved using only one swatch and the effects panel!

Yikes…took a last look at the assignment…I’d started with three shapes layered on top of each other, but played and wandered from that, I may need to redo?

  1. Ginny this is great! I just finished the chapter work and am about to tackle the assignment. I am excited to see what kind of effects I can get and may use this as inspiration. I really like how they are angled and the color use. Simple and yet very eye catching!

    1. It’s so fun to receive feedback, thanks! Have fun with yours, it will be fun to see what you design.

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