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I’m sorry to have missed posting last week and contributing to the conversation.

I’ve struggled with some of our assignments and assembling/formatting the book was not an exception! But, I took the course with the hope of opening myself to new learning and opportunities. I was thrilled to see the power of the book assembly and hope I have a chance to work on a similar project soon so I can keep working on understanding it.   I visited family for the holiday week and in conversations mentioned this course…when asked how/why it was different than using Word (if they only knew!) it was fun to have the book assignment as a reference point…I could point to printed materials in the room and comment like I was a pro on how it might have been assembled using InDesign.

I think this relates…I recently ran into articles about DocsFlow. It is apparently a plug-in that can make google docs talk to InDesign.   Collaborators can edit via a shared google doc and an associated InDesign document updates simultaneously (and vice-versa).   Our school district is in the process of migrating to google apps and I’m trying to stay ahead of new possibilities for myself and other office staff.   Have any of you used DocsFlow? Thanks, gh

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  1. Glad to hear that you are more aware of the designs around you and you are thinking out how things are put together this will all help you in your own creations!

    Docsflow looks pretty interesting. I could see how it would be beneficial if you had a lot of collaborator and you wanted to make sure you had the most up-to-date content. It looks like they also have a product that works with word and excel documents. I could see how this might be really useful if you need to create a bunch of information flyers that had different contributors. You could create a template indesign document and then flow in each of the google doc documents. As long as the content was similar length it would be a pretty quick way to be productive. You would want to format the google doc using established paragraph styles to make sure everything flowed easily.

    UAF has been using google apps for a couple of years now and it has been very successful. Since we all have access to the same software you don’t have to worry about not being able to open documents. Plus you don’t have to worry about storing documents on a computer and then needing it on another one. It has been great for students – you don’t have to buy software like you do for the indesign class! As a class you can create a folder and have all students submit their work to that folder.

    As a staff member you can share calendars and schedule meetings without having to send out a bunch of emails looking for an available time.

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