Job 11

I found this assignment frustrating. While not ‘difficult,’ it is certainly challenging to get all the components to work right and when they do not, re-doing the steps does not always help. One thing I find frustrating with the text is the lack of troubleshooting skills that could be taught.

I could not get the TOC or index to work right however, I DID get the chapter formatting to behave like I wanted to so I am pleased with that. The page numbers given in the assignment was very helpful.

I can say with fair certainty that while this is a great program that has powerful tools, I do not see myself really using it after this class is over. It’s a shame too, since the program cost $350 (yay student discounts!). Perhaps if I had had some exposure to the program prior to this class or had a need for using it, I would feel differently. I am not a graphic designer, nor do I expect I will be in any serious capacity. That being said, I am grateful for the exposure to the program and who knows? Maybe it will help me in the future!



  1. Hi LeAnn, I’ve been thinking of you since I read your post last night. I hope we’re both surprised at how much this course will benefit us along the way. I’m glad you’re in the class as I’ve really enjoyed and benefited by the exchanges on this blog!

  2. There is no question that this was a difficult assignment and one that won’t appeal to all indesign users. When working with long documents the industry uses InDesign as the tool of choice because of some of the features we looked at this week. But InDesign is versatile and is also very good at one-page layouts. One of the best examples that is popular today would be in creating Infographics. Try to do this in microsoft word….you’ll beat your head up against anything that is hard! I’m glad you are sticking with it. I know that you’ll find a use for it once you can concentrate on your business and will be able to pull it out when you need it!

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