Job 9

Did anyone else come close to tears, pouring over the book and Internet to figure this one out? I got the lines drawn, the white removed from the frame, even smoothed out the lines and put the picture and the lines on different layers. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to fill the inside of the lines with color. The “fill” is absolutely no help. I tried grouping them, locking them..I have literally spent the last 4.5 hours on this and it should not be this hard! I mean, this is supposed to be an amazingly powerful program and the ability to draw a weird shape, group it as one object and filling it in with a design should be child’s play and basic stuff. I read anything I thought might be helpful in the book, watched countless YouTube videos. ANY assistance here would be most welcome. Maybe after some sleep it will be clear as a bell but right now, this eludes me!

And it never shows the background color either! Grr!

  1. I love how you tell it like it is! I struggled too. I wish we could get together…I couldn’t get the drawing part to work. I need to go back and add more drawing and work on insertion points, smoothing lines, etc. I’d love to watch you work on yours…and maybe I could help you with the picture…I was able to place a flower picture behind the cape shape on my portrait. It was a lot like when we did the outline word project earlier in the course. I had to start with just using color from the swatch panel to help me think.

  2. I’m sure this isn’t the answer for you…but a couple times this has gotten me frustrated…I’m working on an assignment, clicking layers in and out of view and I inadvertently lock a layer, it’s taken me a few minutes sometimes to realize why I can’t select objects to make any changes/additions. Also…I noticed the dress doesn’t have a line connecting (closing) the lines that are the length of the dress…would you need that last line to make a frame to place a picture? but then that doesn’t make sense either as the bodice and sleeve and arm are closed. I think I need to sleep on it too…

  3. I think you’ve done a fine job with the drawing tools. This is not easy, so don’t beat yourself up on it! Really, this is a good draft. If you want to fill an object with color you do need to have a complete shape that you can fill. As Ginny suggested, you can create a shape and then paste an image into the shape. You can also use the pencil tool to shade an area (like a sketch). Or you could use the line tool with a color applied to it. Or you could use one of the shape tools to create a pattern. Use the stroke color and different types to create more interesting effects. There are lots of options.

    I think your lines are really well done!

  4. I had drawn a basic shape for Orville’s body and when I placed a graphic is filled the whole body really nicely. I had seen your image earlier in the week and thought that one of the reasons why you might not be able to fill her dress was because it wasn’t a complete shape, like Heidi said. I love the way you sketched out a whole torso for her! And it’s such an appropriate pose, too. Great job!

  5. I will be finishing this one up during the Thanksgiving week for a better grade and will be posting all of the redone assignments during that time. Thank you all VERY MUCH for your awesome feedback and encouragement, it is appreciated!

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