Deborah’s Flyer

Here is finally my draft! This was a difficult assignment and I had a  hard time  with it.

It started with me not having a clear concept of what I wanted to do. I figured I could do something with dogs because I thought I would probably have enough photos (but I did not). Then the idea of the pawprint with photos underlaid occurred to me and it took me quite a while to get there. There was probably an easier way to do this than mine but I did not know it…  So, finally I had my pawprint but then did not know where to go from here. In the end  I got bits  and pieces together but I am afraid it shows a bit in the final product. I added the  trail with the  little pawprints in the very end to help connect the top and the bottom of the page  but I am not sure it works.  

Another issue I have is with the font of the yellow quote, the regular font looked a bit too skinny, so I colored the outline yellow as well which made the font bold but also kind of fuzzy. Maybe I should try changing this font to one I already use in other parts of the flyer,  also because  four differents fonts on one page  seem to be stretching it as well, no?

I know this is late, but any kind of comments are still appreciated, thank you!


  1. Wow. This really looks coordinated and thought through- the colors, the shapes, the happy fonts, the great photos. My computer display may not be catching it, but is there a name or “happy dog owner” caption for the quote on the right? I caught myself looking for that… Your flyer makes me wish I had a dog to bring over to play with his buddies!

  2. This is amazing! If you struggled with it, it does not show in the final product. I think your design is excellent and very fun. The font you used is easily read while still giving an overall positive tone. I am curious how you got the fabulous background color like that. I tried and tried but failed to do anything other than make it a solid color.
    Overall, this is an excellent job and I read the whole thing, not because I had to–because I wanted to. The colors are warm and inviting and that fun font with the clever paw print filled with pics is just very cool. Well done!

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