Haley Holland – Midterm

Draft 2! I think this one looks better. I changed my “picture frames” to be backgrounds instead of frames, extended the one to the bottom of the page, and outlined the ulu in black to make it stand out less.


Hello everyone! I think I did this assignment right. I tried going by the requirements laid out in the assignment folder but this took me quite a long time to do, between having a 19-month-old crawling on my lap and wanting to play with every pen I have on my desk to normal responsibilities of a housewife and mother of three…. yes, this took a long time!

I chose to do a flyer for a fake course on Damascus steel. I think I might go back later and see if I can fit in some more informational text about what would be taught at the class, but for real people interested in Damascus this flyer would be a hit, I think. I really liked the idea of using a black background because it would look so nice with the photo I chose for the main focal point. That photo, by the way, is from a man on Flickr whom I asked permission to use his work. He said absolutely as long as I gave him credit, even though it’s a fake flyer. I added the copyright info to his two pictures (the third is mine).

I had A LOT of trouble with this assignment. Rather, I ran into a lot of trouble. I just couldn’t get InDesign to do everything I wanted it to do! And no amount of Googling my issues helped me sort through all the layers and frames I was using. God forbid I wanted to resize a frame and a photo AT THE SAME TIME!!!

If I could spend a few weeks working on this, setting it down, coming back to it, setting it down again, and coming back to it several times I think it could turn out really nice. As it is, I would appreciate and feedback and critiquing you guys can give me!

I live in North Pole with my husband and three daughters, ages 1, 4 and 6. I am interested in becoming a graphic designer (after spending the last four years going to school for accounting, ugh! Never thought I would be one to change my mind like that). InDesign and Photoshop seemed natural classes to take for the field I wish to go into.
  1. Wow. I think you might be super mom! Did you use the eye dropper tool? all your colors seem to be so perfectly coordinated. Also, is the background behind the photo of the hands a clipped part of the background picture? It sort of looked like that might be what you did and I jotted myself a note so I can remember this idea. Could you use the same idea to frame the text below the photo?

  2. Wow, this is awesome!! Perfect font for the title, great how the main photo stands out from the background, easy to read information. Just one tiny thing: I think it might look good if there was more than one line of text above the photo on the left. But really, this is great!

  3. Thanks for the feedback, ladies! Ginny, I didn’t use the eye dropper. The colors I used for the text are color swatches I already had in InDesign. I was having some difficulty adding swatches and using gradients so I ended up mostly using colors that were already there. But I did try to keep with the black/orange/yellow/red theme.

    Also, I think you’re talking about the “picture frame” around the photo of the hands? Using one image behind the picture would have been a lot easier than what I actually did – created an actual frame in Photoshop and put it on top of the photo. I only realized after reading your feedback that I could have much more easily just kept the whole image and put the photo on top of it, and then centering the photo to look like it was framed by that background piece… if that makes sense. Also, I really like your suggestion for using the same effect to frame the text below it! Thanks!

    Deborah, I think I know what you’re saying about the one line of text. I was having trouble selecting both the “picture frame” thing I made as well as the photo of the ulu and moving them together. I think it’s because I have a frame for the “picture frame” thing, then the picture frame itself, plus a frame for the photo and the photo itself. Moving them all together turned into one big headache so once I got a nice even spacing between the text and the photo I just left it alone. If anyone has any tips for how I could make that process easier on myself that would be great! Maybe creating the photo/picture frame as one .jpg and uploading it to the flyer…

    1. I’m not sure if it’s helpful but when I was playing with a part of my layout that’s somewhat similar I discovered an Object menu choice called Group. (something like that, I’m at work right now and don’t have InDesign to check). I could select the elements like text+background+graphic and while they were all selected, choose Group. Then they were easy to move as it’s just one thing and they all stay nicely together. You can Ungroup them too when/if needed.

  4. Wow. I’m learning so much from everyone’s comments and especially seeing your before & after layouts. Were your little ones napping? you made a lot of changes in a short time…

    1. Have you tried The Font Thing? It’s free and has all you need. :)What we do is: put our font files in folders dipnndeeg on its style ( handwriting’, grunge’, cute’ and so on). Then, once inside the program, we browse the folders with the multiple viewing option. We can write the text we want to test. When we have decided which suits best, we install the font using the program! It also lets you see what fonts you have installed and uninstall them if you need to! 😀 Hope it helps!

  5. I mean this in the best possible way–I do not even want to post mine now. It looks so amateur in comparison with this! Absolutely amazing job, I just hope we aren’t graded compared to yours otherwise I will epically fail! Excellent job indeed!

    1. Oh my gosh, thank you so much for the compliment! I didn’t have any InDesign experience before taking this class but I have been designing business cards, logos, flyers and whatnot for nearly 10 years with Photoshop. So I do have SOME experience in this kind of thing!

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