Midterm Project Job 7

Hello all!


Here is a screenshot of my Midterm project. I still have some tweaking to do with the paragraph lines, kerning, etc but you will get the idea. Any suggestions are most welcome!

Draft 1


Final Draft

This project presented some problems for me, such as wanting to do too much and not having the skills yet. So, once I got over that frustration, I decided to go with the simplistic style. I have decided layers are my best friend and gradients are not. I can see how I want it to look in my mind, but am unable (so far) to really make it look the way I want. I wanted to have the background be a nice gray/white gradient (with gray at top and bottom about an inch so that it would draw the eye to the middle) but that proved to be hours of fruitless searching in the book and online tutorials. The upside was I learned little tricks and whatnot viewing videos on YouTube.com.

The title was fun. I typed it on a curved path and then made it an outline so I could put color into it. The border touches I did by simply drawing a line (and using the ruler, guides and grid lines for consistency).

One thing I did do was apply a gradient to the borders around each picture. I thought it drew the eye to look at them which will help reinforce the subtle message of the pictures I chose (such as the handshaking monitors–forming a partnership, working with me and my company etc). The bullets and the drop cap proved to be a lesson in frustration as well. Trying to get those silly bullets to align where I wanted took some doing. To overcome it, I simple “removed” the bullets and shifted the whole block over. So, while it is still has the bullets, the formatting application for bullets is not really there anymore. I thought myself rather clever. 🙂

Overall, this project really helped me gain some more skill and understanding about the different tools and fun applications you can implement into your projects. I am pleased with how my flyer turned out and hope to use it in some form when I start my business.



  1. Go, LeAnn! I wanted to get my draft posted tonight but I’m not quite there. One thing I’m struggling with is getting a lot of info on the page. I see you managed to do just that (and in the process design an ad that’s getting you closer to your VA goal!) Another thing I found challenging was to locate three photographic images to work with my ad, did you decide to not add photos? You found graphics that go nicely with your ad.

  2. And your Q&A format is very effective.

    1. Thank you! Many people have never even heard of a VA before so I thought it best to educate and open their eyes to the possibilities.

  3. This looks pretty good to me! One thing I am wondering though is if you should give some contact information in case your audience is interested in a VA?

  4. There are three photographs being used in there. The one that is clipart is the checklist. The others are photos.

    I did think about the contact information at the bottom and was going to add it tonight. I will likely repost what I get done today for further feedback. Thank you ladies!

  5. One more thing, I am not sure that the drop font works well in combination with the bullets. Can’t really think of how to change it though, I do like the drop font in the beginning of the questions!

    1. I agree with that Deb, I was going to try and get those bullets moves over a tab space so it would flow better. Good eye!

  6. Hi LeAnn! I really like your assignment, I think you did a really professional-looking job on it. It’s very informative! I agree with Deborah about the contact info. My only suggestion has to do with the layout of your bottom three question/paragraph combinations. The space between the 1st and 2nd have a large space between them, while your 2nd and 3rd have a slightly smaller space, and your 3rd and 4th have an even small space between them. I thought if you made those spaces all the same size (maybe shrunk them all to be the same size of the one between your 3rd and 4th paragraph, then your text in the lower left hand corner wouldn’t be so close to your corner elements (which I love, by the way – nice touch!!).

    Overall I think you did a really nice job on the assignment!

  7. Thank you all so much for the feedback! I am much happier with the end result and who knows? Maybe I will actually use this in my business!

  8. Wow, you’ve been busy! Your new alignments, spacing and added information really add to the overall effect. Oh, and the added red rules (or lines) are really sharp looking.

  9. Yes!! You made some great improvements! I agree, the red lines are a nice addition. I think you could ABSOLUTELY use this for your business!

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