Job 07 Midterm

update…adding back my final version that slipped off the blog during a recent outage.   I didn’t keep a copy of my remarks so have not reposted them.   I do recall commenting on the fun I had making the ruled paper.

…thank you for the helpful comments. I don’t have it just right yet but adjusting the alignment cleaned things up (I’m friends with the alignment options now!).

also…needed a drawing or clip art…the little apple is part of the Juneau School District logo that I found a way to isolate (I work for JSD and asked permission to use the school picture, teacher picture and the logo)

…struggles, how to fit everything in, how to make it look well designed, how to size the fonts in relation to the photos, etc.   Any help or comments will be much appreciated! Thanks.

  1. I like your flyer! I like how the “free tutoring” guides your eye into the flyer, and the apples are a cool idea to point out important information. The only thing that I might play with some more is the alignment of the text within the first block of text, I would maybe try to move the paragraph “Applications are mailed… ” more to the right. But I am not sure, plus it’s just me. As for the assignment, I think it says “glossy magazine ad OR flyer” – so, I am also hoping a flyer is okay since that is what I am (still) working on. And I am having trouble finding photographs, too…

    1. I think this is great! I agree with Deborah’s comment about how the “Free Tutoring” leads you into the rest of the flyer, very well done! I also agree with the change in the spacing on the “Applications are mailed,” it should be lined up to be flush with the other text. Also, where it says “call for more info” might look better aligned with the rest of the text in that block and again in the last block. I am not sure how that would affect the apples (which are awesome by the way) and placement. To me, it would seem more uniformed if you keep the alignment styles the same in each block of text. It makes it easier to read. Just my 2 cents! (Overall, this is really really good!)

  2. This is so great, your comments…thank you! I’m working on your ideas right now. gh

  3. Great job, Ginny! This looks really professional, and the colors you used look like they came straight off the walls of an elementary school. I’m not sure why I think that, but it’s what’s coming to mind right now! I think your Draft #2 looks better than your first. Did you use a bevel effect on your shapes? I like the effect it had, whatever you did. The pictures are appropriate and the layout is interesting–overall, great job!

    1. My text frames and the blue frame looked so flat, I wanted a way to give them texture or something. Under the Objects menu I found the Effects option, and tried Satin. I applied it to all my frames but I think it might be too much and am thinking about just leaving it on the green frame and removing it from the others. Thanks for the input!

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