Job 6

As I said in my uploaded assignment to the Professor, this looks like a 3rd grader did it. I am not pleased with how it turned out whatsoever. There was so much I wanted to do like make the text fill in with the leaves I used in this project or fill in the inside of the leaves with a contrasting radiant swatch to make it stand out more. Don’t even get me started on trying to apply a background color! YouTube failed me this time, and it shows! Blarg.

  1. I like your use of the greys, the background gradient going from left to right makes it almost look like a page in an open book! I wonder how it would work if the alignment of the leaves graphic were flush with the “Family Friendly Activities”? Maybe there could also be some more space between the leaves and the text? Just my 2 cts. By the way, I also wanted to add colors to the the graphic I used (snowflake) but I think that would probably better be done in Photoshop (not sure…).

  2. Would you care to share the name of the fun font you used? I think the font goes so well with the family friendly message you are presenting. I struggled with this assignment as well! I plan to spend some more time re-reading the lessons under Design Theory on our blog…

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