I found the coolest little video that explains (and shows) what typography is about. It made me really think about how the format of the letters conveys intent, emotion, and ‘tone’ of what is being read. It goes rather quickly and the fonts change often, but that is what made me realize the impact different fonts can have as I had varying emotional responses to what I was reading. Cool stuff! The video can be seen by clicking here.

  1. Wow, thanks for sharing that find. The video is informative in multiple ways, and YouTube offered me a whole list of more clips on typography. I hadn’t thought before to check YouTube…

    1. I love YouTube! It helps in classes because more often than not, someone has posted a video that takes you step by step through whatever you are working on. I will be using it for Job 5 because I had a really rough go with it.

  2. Fun little video!

  3. Nice video about typography and a really nice animations! Thanks for sharing.

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