Haley Holland – Job 4

I had fun doing this assignment, InDesign is such a complicated program but the book has really clear directions.

I initially had trouble getting the Stroke off the ellipse but I ended up reversing the order of the tasks to: drawing the ellipse with 0 stroke, then adding text, instead of drawing the ellipse, adding text and then taking the stroke off the ellipse… If that makes sense!

Also, I thought my headline sounded funny 🙂


I live in North Pole with my husband and three daughters, ages 1, 4 and 6. I am interested in becoming a graphic designer (after spending the last four years going to school for accounting, ugh! Never thought I would be one to change my mind like that). InDesign and Photoshop seemed natural classes to take for the field I wish to go into.
  1. Thanks for the typography tips…especially increasing the height of the font. You picked a perfect font and color for your title, luv it!

    1. the black border on mine was added after posting the document, it’s a wordpress feature (the border isn’t on my document). I liked how adding the border helped define the edges of my document since otherwise the page margins weren’t visible…

  2. Love the font and the text of the headline, this looks really great!

  3. HAHAHAH!! This is awesome! Cracked me up 🙂

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