Job 04 Draft

I’m still working on reducing the extra white space below the sidebar text,
but I wanted to get this posted in case anyone has time to provide input!
Thanks in advance, Ginny

p.s. the black border was a last minute find when editing the post. With the .jpg file uploaded, I clicked on it, then clicked the edit image icon, then advanced settings, and entered 2 in the Border field.

  1. Ginny,

    This looks good in my opinion. The extra white space below the sidebar text is not as distracting as the extra white space around the edges. Unless I did mine incorrectly, the margins were supposed to be smaller which allows for more usable space. Overall, it is neat and tidy!!

  2. Ginny, great job! My white space looks the same, I wonder what it was that did that? The black border is a nice touch! To get my headline text to fill the upper portion of the newsletter I made an ellipse that was nearly as wide as the page, then used a compact but tall font. There are also settings under Type > Character that could help with that. However, I like the font you used for the words you used – it fits them!

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