Job 2 – “Outside in the Interior”

I picked “Outside in the Interior’ off my shelf, “An Adventure Guide for Central Alaska’ by Kyle Joly, a book that lists “more than 50 hikes, bikes, skis, strolls, and floats for all levels of outdoor enthusiasts.’ The main part of the book is divided into sections for each region within Interior Alaska, and within each region there are short subsections describing each individual hike or float. I found seven master pages:
1. table of contents
2. the first page of each author’s note, acknowledgements and introduction
3. the title page of a new region, and
4. its opposing page, a map of the region
5. the first page of each new hike
6. the first page of each of the three appendices
7. Index
Some of these master pages seem to be based on other master pages or have at least common elements, for example the first page of at least two of the appendices clearly have shared elements with the first page of each new hike. A very easy to spot master page was the title page for each of the six regions covered in the book: there is a green band with a bleed filling the top fifth of the page. Within this band the name of the region is printed in a bold white font. The remainder of the page contains a brief description of the region in a  comparatively narrow text frame, black font on white background. – I found this task more difficult than I anticipated, it is a whole new way of looking at a page and noticing things I would usually overlook!

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