Job 2: Dwell Magazine

Debby Queen, September 16

For this assignment I used the October 2012 issue of Dwell Magazine. I was able to identify 11 pages that appeared to be master pages within this issue; however, as a subscriber I also recognized many pages that, although they appeared in this issue only once, looked to be master pages that appeared in earlier issues.   I pulled out the December/January 2012 issue and immediately noticed that the cover pages on the two issues shared the same formatting and were most likely derived from the same master page.   After going through both issues I found what I believe were 18 master pages, and am certain that if I were to look more closely this number would increase.   I was very impressed that each month the magazine I receive looks new and fresh, and yet the consistency that results from the master pages creates a sense of familiarity that I appreciate.

The master page that was the most simplistic and yet visually appealing to me was from a featured article in the October 2012 issue called “Backstory”.   The article consisted of 4 1-page spreads that had a large graphic that covered the top 80% of the page with a bold stroke surrounding it. The lower 20% of the page had three columns of text.   The text and graphic were divided by a narrow stroke that spanned the width of the page.   The bottom, inside corner of each page had the magazine title; the bottom, outside corner had the page number and the issue date.   The upper, outside corner had the word “Backstory” on it.

I found this exercise fascinating in that it showed how pages created using the same master page can look very different with only a few changes, and also how master pages can be used to create an identity for a publication.

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