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I have taken several software classes over the last 2 years and have used the New Perspectives line of textbook for most of those classes (Word, Power Point, Access, etc). They definitely use master pages throughout each book.

I counted no less than 5 master pages used in these texts–and it is the same for each book:

  1. The first page of each chapter has text and graphics in the same places.
  2. The subsequent chapter pages (the meat of the chapter) use two styles that are similar, including the margins and columns but the graphic placement alters.
  3. The end of the chapters in the review sections are the same in each chapter.
  4. The   index uses a master page.
  5. The glossary uses a master page.

Every single page, regardless of section uses the same header/footer set up and likely is the “First” master page used, with the others a variation and based on the “First.”

I always noticed that pages in publications (even in websites now), there is an accepted format style for just about everything. It makes sense, of course–if there wasn’t some kind of formatting applied to certain publications, the mess that would have to be navigated to get information would be horrific!

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  1. Hi LeAnn, I noticed in a comment on a different post that you are working toward a Virtual Assistant business, very cool! It sounds like you found a software training textbook line (New Perspectives) that works well for you and has well laid out pages that compliment great content. I look forward to learning more about how to to do that! (make well laid out master pages that help make the content usable/powerful).

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