Job 01 and Introduction

Hello, Ginny here…on a rainy afternoon in Juneau.

I’m posting from a macbook with my ipad standing by as a backup display. I’m at home, in the room where most of the action occurred when our three children were growing up.   Lots of block towers, lego creations, sleepovers, home work projects, etc. happened here.  My husband and I met as teachers in Ketchikan but have lived our married life and raised our kids here in Juneau.

I’m tickled to have successfully created my first ever blog post and now look forward to checking back often to learn from all of you! I’ve wanted to try InDesign for a couple of years, can’t wait to be able to begin to use it at work and home.

Oh, and may I share a link with you? Before starting my business card I zipped over to to look at their designs for inspiration. I wondered if you’d enjoy it too.

  1. Hi Ginny – thanks much for your business card link, I can use some inspiration! And congrats to your first blog post, I am new to this also… —- Deborah

  2. Thanks for sharing the inspiration link — I’ve added it to the link resources. I’ll add more links as the class finds and them!

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