Deborah’s business card and intro

Deborah's business cardHello everybody
I work as a Natural Resource Planner for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Fairbanks. We produce among other things management plans for National Wildlife Refuges. These plans  tend to be  awfully long and not exactly bedtime reading, so we are trying to create summaries that are concise and visually appealing. I have already worked a bit on such summaries in InDesign but I have noticed  during this first task  that there is yet much to be learned!

Most of my spare time goes to my four-legged best friend, a 10 yr old chocolate labmix named Ronya. Other hobbies include reading and the outdoors but I never seem to be able to do as much of if as I would like. This summer just flew by!

Looking forward to meeting all of you


  1. It is good to meet you Deborah! I am a bit envious that you already have some experience with the program as it is completely new to me. Now I know how people felt when I was taking Excel–I already had some experience with it but for others it was brand new. At least it is a fun program!

    We have two dogs, just about a year old now. I never had dogs before and it has been a wonderful experience so far (except the chewed shoes of course). There is a deeper connection with dogs than with cats. Maybe because you can actually take them places? 🙂 Good luck in class!

  2. Hi Deborah, welcome to the class! I agree with you about the summer whizzing by…what happened to it!

  3. Hello Deborah! That is really neat that you are using InDesign at your job. It has so many applications! Great job on your business card 🙂 – Haley

  4. Hi Deborah, It was fun to find a comment on my post, thanks! is one of a few sites I’ve visited now and again, enjoying the artistry of design and wishing I knew “how to do that”… feels great to be on the road to learning more about it!

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